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Customer Testimonials for NextGear Motors

KIM BUNCE - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

Thank you Majid for making my car buying experience a very pleasurable one. I have really enjoyed driving my Ford Edge...it was just what I've been looking for. The price too! Thank you also making it just the way I wanted.. your customer service is exceptional. Wishing you guys the best. If I need another car in the future I'll be sure to check with you first!

Valjean Taylor - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

They are so polite, easy to do business with. I would go back for my next vehicle!

Han Sol Sim - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

I recently purchased a car from this dealer and it was a very pleasant experience. Majid and his staff were professional and accommodating; not pushy or hassling at all. Aside from allotting a generous 30min test drive, he encouraged taking the car to a local shop/mechanic for the typical used-car inspection (and allotted 2hrs). After all the paperwork, purchasing, and driving it home, I got an envelope from Majid. Turns out I had left my driver's license at his office when I purchased and drove the car home. I'm very grateful that he took the courtesy of getting it back to me; thought it really spoke to his character.

Dave Netherling - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

We had a great experience working with Majid @ Nextgear. He treated us with fairness & respect. We would come from Pennsylvania to work with him again.

What a pleasure!

Dylan - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

Response super quick, super friendly, and helped me set everything up without any trouble.

Donald Meadows - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

My wife and I purchased a 2011 Suburban at Nextgear this weekend. From the moment we walked onto the lot Majid and Muhammad treated us and my son like they've known us for a lifetime. After dealing with and meeting many car salesmen over the past several weeks it was quickly apparent that these guys have it together. If you are looking a used vehicle and want to deal with a true professional full of dignity, pride and respect you've found the right place. It is obvious that Majid and the guys at Nextgear love people...almost as much as they love cars. Lol. I wish you guys the best and I'll be in touch when my son is ready for his first ride!

Jay Sammons - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

Great place to buy a used car!!! Great staff and low prices!!! Highly recommended.

HSolo7 - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

Majid and his team were very prompt to respond, and remained in good contact. They were very courteous and transparent when I came to their lot to talk about and check out the car; gave ample time to test drive and even encouraged to take it to a local mechanic for a second opinion, which I thought was neat.

David - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

Very quick reply. SUV was not quite what I needed, but dealer advised he would notify me when and if they found what I was looking for

Roland Muldrow - Happy NextGear Motors Customer

I bought a 2012 VW Passat with low mileage and the price was great, the guys there were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend anyone. I believe they will help within all their abilities. Go to Raleigh and check out Nextgear Motors.